Air Compressor Package/Instrument Air Dryer Package

1Global Tech customized Air Compressor & Instrument Air Dryer Package that are designed and manufactured to meet detailed client specifications. From third party certification like ABS/DNV to complete Factory Acceptance testing, utilizing in-house project management, the most current computer designs and the latest industry engineering standards to meet customers requirements.

GlobalTech’s Expertise

GlobalTech specialize in the packaging of air compressor packages, working with various compressor manufacturers to meet the specification of the enduser. From standard industries machine to customized compressor suitable for used in hazardous are, from single to multiple compressors, GlobalTech is able to configure the lead lag controls, linking of data to DCS via serial link such as RS232, RS485. GlobalTech is able to modify manufacturer standard electrical and instrumentation to customer specification meeting to area classification.

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters are installed to meet ISO 8573.1 quality classes. On most instrument air system, a prefilter and after filters are installed before the air dryer to remove solids, moisture and oil vapors.

ISO 8573.1 Quality Classes

Quality Classes Solid
Max. Particle
size in microns
Dew Point

°C °F
Liquid & Gas
mgm3 ppm w/w
0 as specified as specified as specified
1 0.1 -70 -94 0.01 0.008
2 1 -40 -40 0.1 0.08
3 5 -20 -4 1 0.8
4 15 3 38 5 4
5 40 7 45 >5 >4
6 - 10 50 - -

Compressed Air Dryer

There are three basic types of dryer:

  • Refrigerated
  • Regenerative
  • Single Tower

Depending on customers requirement, GlobalTech can integrate the air compressor with air dryer package for a complete instrument air system.

Refrigerated Dryer

1This type works like a refrigerator to cool the air that condenses the entertained moisture so that it can be separated from the air supply. It delivers a fixed or constant pressure dew point. Refrigerated dryers have a wide variety of application possibilities, particularly suited to system where all air lines are located indoors.

Regenerative Dryer

1 Twin tower regenerative dryer works by adsorbing moisture on a solid desiccant such as activated alumina, silica gel or molecular sieve. The two towers operate alternately; compressed air to be dried is flowing through the desiccant in one tower while the desiccant in the other tower is being dried or regenerated. The saturated desiccant bed is regenerated by a purge of dry air from the operating tower, or by internal heaters or by a blower purge or stream. Of the three dryer types, regenerative units supply the lowest dew point. Regenerative units supply the lowest dew poin. Regenerative dryers are often specified to protect instrumentation and control system, laboratory equipment or moisture-sensitive process materials. They can also protect Against freeze-ups in outdoor lines in the most severe weather conditions.

Engineering Design

Using the latest CAD drawing software, we are able to generate 3 dimensional view to fully optimized the space for pipe routing and ease of maintenance.